Subtle, Sexy Female Ankle Tattoos

When someone asks you what the sexiest body parts are, what comes to mind? Hips and legs? How about hands or back? Something a little more scandalous? Here’s something that may surprise you: did you think of ankles? If not, maybe you’re just not paying attention to how female ankle tattoos can enhance your sex appeal.

Many people’s ankles are actually very attractive. Because many men already find women’s legs attractive, their eyes usually follow the legs all the way down to the ankles. One way to increase men’s awareness of your legs is to consider getting an ankle tattoo.

These tattoos are ideal for women because they can be both discreet and irresistible. If you work in an office, you may have to hide your tattoo on some days. This can be easily accomplished by wearing opaque tights or hosiery, pants, or certain types of shoes.

These tattoos, when displayed, offer a clear message of assertive sexuality. Ankle tattoos deliver the message, “I can attract you strongly without being overt or aggressive.” Many men find this irresistible.

Many women opt for ankle tattoos because they don’t want a large design. Because the ankle is a relatively small body part, a design placed here must be small enough to fit attractively. This will also alleviate the worry of maintaining or concealing large tattoos.

Another benefit of these small tattoos is that they are less expensive or painful than larger tattoos. Smaller tattoos are nearly always less expensive. This is true because less ink and less time is involved in applying the design. Less time also results in less pain as well, which can be very important to some ladies!

Using the ankle as a location for a tattoo, however, doesn’t necessarily mean a limited variety to choose from. Small tattoos can be designed that still offer very distinctive and interesting pictures. In fact, part of the appeal of such a tattoo is its subtle, yet striking, understated way of making a powerful statement.

For a woman, getting a tattoo is a powerful statement. Female ankle tattoos are a great way to get introduced to the world of tattooing (if you want more in the future) or just to assert some individuality without a huge commitment. Just like you and your choices, your tattoo is unique.

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